Ricardo Salazar Garza Ph.D.


  • Socio
  • Salmo Servicios Corporativos

     – Actualidad3 años

    Monterrey y alrededores, México

  • Departamento de Economía, Contabilidad y Finanzas
  • UDEM  – Actualidad9 años. Monterrey y alrededores, México
  • CFO
  • Paccsa

 – 1 año 1 mes. Monterrey y alrededores, México

Director de Finanzas y Administación

  • Rise Capital s.c. 6 años 5 meses 
  • Consejero, Capital Markets.  – 3 años 1 mesAv. Roble # 300 Garza García MX.
  • Risk Management, Derivative Markets Assessment and Valuation, FX, Fixed Income and Structured Products.
  • Director.  – 3 años 5 meses. Monterrey y alrededores, México.
  •  Working closely with clients helping them to design the ideal capital structure to develop and implement debt restructures.
  • Find the best market conditions to raise financial capital
  • Responsible for the financial issues in a due diligence process
  • General Manager
  • Grupo Galeria- Car Credit SOFOM (Financial Society of Multiple Object)  – 2 años 1 mes. Monterrey y alrededores, México
  • Business plan development to start up the company, including policies and procedures; interviewing and hiring personnel for the credit, administrative and collections departments.
  • Responsible for finding credit lines and funds in Mexican pesos, negotiate interest rates, and finding cross currency swaps to be able to grant credit and credit lines in US dollars to clients.
  • Participation in tailoring new products to meet the market needs.
  • Developed and implemented accounting…
  • Brand Director Grupo Galeria BMW Dealerships. – 5 años. Monterrey y alrededores, México
  • In charge of five BMW dealerships of Grupo Galeria as a Brand Director.
  • Responsible for one hundred and eighty employees in sales, service, parts, marketing, accounting, CRM, and finance departments of the five dealerships located in the north and northeast of Mexico.
  • Negotiation of wholesale credit lines, floor plan, and retail programs whit BMW financial services.
  • Carried out the annual negotiation of wholesale and retail objectives with BMW of Mexico, a subsidiary of BMW…
  • Assistant Director of Operations Vector Casa de Bolsa . – 12 años 9 meses. Monterrey y alrededores, México
  • Responsible of the FX interbank trading in Mexican pesos, FX Swaps and the peso book.
  • Negotiation of trading credit lines whit counterparties in the interbank market.
  • Authorized Series 3 (futures and options on futures exam) by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
  • Partly in charge (during the tequila crisis in 1995) of the peso futures derivatives book in Vectormex, subsidiary of Vector Casa de Bolsa in New York (Full broker dealer).
  • In charge of the opening in…



  • New York Institute of Finance. Professional Certificate on Derivatives.  – 
  • New York Institute of Finance. Accounting For Derivatives and Hedging.  – 
  • IEBIEB. Análisis Bursátil  – 
  • Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León Ph. D. in AdministratioN Derviatives Markets, Risk Management, International Finance.  – 



Oferta Pública Inicial y Underpricing en el mercado de capitales mexicano

Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Science Volumen 18 Issue 35, June 201315 de Junio de 2013

Villarreal C., Salazar-Garza, R. (2014) Oferta Pública Inicial y Underpricing en el mercado de capitales mexicano. Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Science Volumen 18 Issue 35, June 2013, UNIVERSIDAD ESAN ISSN 2077-1886

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